Skype call makes history more real

December 16, 2013 by  

Through the technology of Skype, an 88-year-old Arizonan was able to speak to English students at Shelton High School earlier this month about what she went through during the Second World War.

Magda Herzberger is a lecturer, composer, and author who wrote an autobiography titled Survival about her experience in three concentration camps during WWII. During the Skype session, she was open about her experience; spending more than an hour detailing the realities of this event in history.

Students commented that they are happy they did not have to go through the same experience and they are more thankful for what they have.

Their teacher, Megan Sherr, said that the presentation was “enlightening, inspiring and moving”. The class recorded the lecture and discussion so that other classes could view it at a later date. Beth Smith, the headmaster of Shelton High School, decided to invest in Skype especially for the interview. Since the event was a success, the school plans to incorporate Skype to conduct interviews for students again.

Selena Chapman contacted Herzberger to hear her story when she came up with the idea to use Skype. She had studied Herzberger’s story in the past and the octogenarian showed interest in talking to other students.

Herzberger has her own website and speaks to audiences on a regular basis about being at the camps. If students want to learn more after her lecture, she could consider having digital business cards to hand out to them with contact information.