Shelton native at the top of his game

August 13, 2013 by  

CEO of Citigroup and Shelton resident Michael Corbat has been climbing the corporate ladder for 30 years to be the leader of the sixth largest bank in the world with a quarter of a million employees and almost $2 trillion in assets. Recently, he spoke in front of an audience of stockholders about the successes and failures of Citigroup during the financial challenges of the past 10 years, and the goals he has in mind for the company’s future.

Speaking at the presentation, Corbat posed himself the question:

“You know, in my first six months, I’m often asked how I will judge my tenure as CEO.”

He then alluded to achieving quality, making savvy decision, and building a strong global reputation as being the plans are the forefront of his focus in future months and years.

In high school, Corbat was known to get things done – a point driven home by some of his former classmates spoken to by the CT Post recently. He came from a middle class family with two working parents. As a tall and muscular teenager, he played football and was captain of the team at Shelton High School. One of his co-captains said he was well-liked, a team player, and an excellent student.

To show stockholders how Citigroup is doing financially, CEOs like Corbat may use large colorful signs to demonstrate the figures visually, seeking a local print company to help them get a professional looking piece.