Shelton folk walk the walk for diabetic dog fund

November 29, 2013 by  

The ‘Pack Walk for Jackie’ was held on Sunday, November 17, at the Shelton Dog Park. The charity walk raised money to help cover the costs of a diabetic alert dog.

It was set up in aid of Jackie Turiano, an 11-year-old at Perry Hill School, and was diagnosed with Juvenile Type I diabetes five years ago. Jackie’s mother Laura monitors her daughter’s blood sugar on a regular basis even in the middle of the night; a task that would be made easier with the help of a specifically-trained canine.

When a dog is trained to be a diabetic alert dog, they learn to signal for help when they sense that their owner’s blood sugar is not normal. Not taking into account travel expenses, the dog would cost $6,000.

Despite the not so nice weather, a good number of people came out to show their support and walk their dogs during the event. This included the Rago family of Shelton and their dog Buddy. Shelton resident and Trumbull Agriscience Program freshman Valerie Mingrone organized the walk, as she wanted to help Jackie and has a passion for animals herself.

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