September showcase in the pipeline

August 28, 2012 by  

Thanks to the efforts of the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce, Shelton-based professionals are in for a productive September, with a productivity workshop and the 18th Annual Business Showcase coming up.

It all begins in the first part of the month, with Seeds to Leads hosting ‘SuperLeads: Boost Your Office Productivity’ on September 12th. Beginning fairly early in the morning at 8:00 am and concluding a full two and a half hours later at 10:30 am, Speake Software’s Tom Speake is going to be presenting ‘Microsoft Office Tips & Tricks’. Going over such specifics as the use of Excel, the potential applications of tools like AutoFormat and AutoCorrect, as well as the most effective methods of navigating the new interface, the content of this workshop will ensure that business professionals and other career-oriented individuals are able to be more effective in getting more out of Microsoft Office.

Where the printing services offered by brochure printers are probably going to play a role is with respect to the ‘18th Annual Business Showcase’ being hosted by Webster Bank. It all starts just eight days after the first workshop, on September 20, and is largely expected to be an all-day affair with a scheduled start time of 9:00 am. As far as interaction and relationships go, there cannot be any damage done by truning up for this meet-up.

When the themed workshops addressing such subjects as sales and social media are also taken into account, the benefits of attending practically speak for themselves.