SCC responds to Wells project

March 31, 2014 by  

The building project on the Wells family land has caught the attention of the Shelton Conservation Commission (SCC), which recently penned a letter outlining some points.

The plan for the area between Beard Sawmill Road and Long Hill Cross Road is to build an assisted living center, as well as single family homes and townhouses Thomas Harbinson, chairman of the commission, brought up that the planned roads connecting Beard Sawmill and Long Hill Cross in the 41-acre development might affect the environment, since will be very close to habitats for fish and hiking trails.

The SCC proposed in its letter not to connect the assisted living facility and the area with the rest of the houses. Harbinson also requested stonewalls around the conservation area so future developers will know where it starts.

There is also concern about roof and parking lot run-off. Trout live in Far Mill River, which is near the Hawks Ridge development. These fish can only live in certain temperatures of water. However, there are management systems put in place to alleviate this problem.

Although not having a “through” road can interfere with emergency services being able to get to their destinations, the company in charge of the project will consider not building the road.

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