Plans afoot for new residential area

January 14, 2014 by  

Hawks Ridge of Shelton LLC has made plans to build a residential area between the roads of Beard Sawmill, Bridgeport Avenue, and Long Hill Cross. It is now an industrial zoned property of the Wells family estate and is adjacent to their farm.

The land, spanning 41 acres, will be the site of 54 homes, 57 condominiums, and an assisted living facility with 196 units. The spot is ideal for residential zoning because it is next to Route 8. City water and sewers are already in place according to code.

If the developers and the Wells estate settle on the land deal and it receives government approval, the residential area may be finished sometime in 2015. Although the land sits on wetlands, the Wetlands Inland Commission has given its approval. The assisted living center that will be situated near Beard Sawmill Road was not in the original plans rejected by the zoning commission. The amount of homes has also been reduced.

The area will be a Planned Development District. This title puts much of the decisions in the hands of city zoning and is often used for larger development contracts. There will be a public hearing on Wednesday, January 22, to discuss the application with the Planning and Zoning Commission of Shelton.

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