Local teacher hits the jackpot on TV show

October 16, 2013 by  

Chris Scholz, who teaches physical education at Coleytown Elementary School in Shelton, appeared on Wheel of Fortune on October 3, and dozens of family members, friends, and locals gathered at O’Neill’s Pub on the night to cheer him on.

The bar, located in Norwalk, usually has sports games on it big screen televisions. At 7:30 pm on that Thursday, however, it had all of it televisions tuned in to WABC TV to watch Scholz play the word and wheel-spinning game.

Scholz was chosen to be a contestant during the show’s special week of teacher contestants. The episode was taped back in July, so Scholz was able to watch himself play. He did not tell anyone how he had performed in the game but, in fact, he got to meet Vanna White and Pat Sajack while winning almost $57,000 in cash. Staff at O’Neill’s Pub joked about how Scholz could afford to buy a round of drinks for everyone.

Scholz remarked that it was better to have cash that prizes like cars and holidays because he and his wife were planning to buy a house. His winnings, which will be sent to him in February, would be more than enough for a down payment.

Scholz’s appearance on Wheel of Fortune brought in big business for O’Neill’s Pub. Pubs and restaurants in the other contestants’ hometowns could also bring in large business by hiring a printing company and passing out flyers in local area to let locals know of their fellow townspeople’s TV exploits.