Free course promoting better nutrition in Derby

April 2, 2013 by  

The Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital in Derby will be hosting a four-week nutrition course starting later this month. Entitled ‘Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Nutrition, But Were Afraid to Ask’, the course is set to be held over four separate sessions

Registered dietitian and exercise physiologist Samantha Heller, the clinical nutrition coordinator for the Center for Cancer Care, will teach these fun, informative, and engaging classes. She has appeared on well-known programs like ‘CBS Early Show’, ’Good Morning America’, and ‘The Today Show’, in addition to her radio show on Sirius XM. As the author of two books on nutrition and health, participants can rest assured that they will leave with only the best information and tips for a healthier lifestyle.

Participants should also do their utmost to attend all four classes, as the learning in this program is cumulative and will cover boosting stamina and energy, reducing the risk of cancer and other diseases, reducing blood pressure, managing type two diabetes, lowering cholesterol, keeping a healthy weight, and improving memory.

The class is expected to be well attended, but Griffin Hospital and Samantha Heller may consider using as many methods as they can to promote the event across the state. To attract those from local areas like Shelton, Milford, and Seymour, both might consider use printing companies offering local banner printing services to further promote the event and cause.

Sessions will be held on April 17 and 24, as well as May 1 and 8.