Flying start from Shelton stopped in its tracks

February 10, 2014 by  

The Notre Dame-West Haven Green Knights defeated the Shelton High Gaels in the boys’ basketball game on January 23, by a score of 78-47. It came as something of a surprise after Shelton High had started the season with the best record it has had since 2009.

Brian Gardiner, coach for the Shelton boys basketball team, said about the game:

“I don’t think we played well. I’m disappointed. We usually play really hard from the start and we didn’t. If you don’t play hard from the start on someone else’s floor, you’re going to get destroyed and that’s what we did.”

Shelton gained the advantage early and kept the lead for the first quarter. However, as the game moved into its second period, the Green Knights took a sizable lead and sealed the Gaels fate with another good run later in the game.

Several players stood out in the entertaining game. Shelton High sophomore Casey Belade scored a total of 10 points as guard, and one of his baskets was a three-pointer. Senior Mike Davis is also a guard and gave the team nine extra points. Finally, Patrick Murphy got eight points on the board.

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