Educational Homestay Program comes to Connecticut

June 10, 2013 by  

For those looking to give back to their communities and to communities abroad, the upcoming Trumbull Area Educational Homestay Program gathering is a great opportunity to get involved. It hosts an international EF Education First student from Russia and Germany to give them a taste of American life and hospitality.

The program is intended for international students to better their English language skills, experience American family life at home, and embrace the experience of traveling abroad. Host families in Shelton and Trumbull will house students for 3.5 weeks, providing a bed, food, transportation, and a happy home environment.

The program was initially founded in 1965 when the program brought Swedish students to Britain to better their English language skills, and now the program has grown to 15 divisions encompassing 450 schools around the world. Many students have already had an amazing experience, and testimonials can be found on the EF Education First website.

This gathering will feature drinks, snacks, and live music, and visitors will have the opportunity to meet the program team and other families who have participated.

To get involved, those interested should drop by the event and chat with the crowd to see if they are the right fit for this fantastic opportunity. The event will be held at Grace Episcopal Church in Trumbull on June 15, starting at 4:00 pm.

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