Rocky Hill consignment store thrives in floundering economy

February 8, 2012 by  

Used clothing sales are on the rise in Rocky Hill as residents look to trim living expenses wherever they can. Tough economic times have been hard on many retail stores but consignment shops are thriving.

Rocky Hill-based Uptown Consignment has enjoyed an increase in new customers ever since the recession hit. The number of people looking to sell used clothing, shoes and other items is also on the rise. In fact some sellers bring in 200 pieces at a time, according to Kelley Rumovicz, one of the stores managers.

Consignment stores are a win-win for both buyer and seller. The seller collects half of the profit while the buyer gets a clothing item in good shape for far less than a comparable item would cost brand new.

Some people are under the impression that consignment stores only vintage clothing and accessories but that’s not the case at the 20-year-old Rocky Hill consignment store. Clothing racks are filled with newer items. Newer jeans that normally sell for $100 can be purchased at a consignment store for $20.

It took a while for people to understand what a consignment store is, explained co-manager Carol Carbone. Flyer printing could help clarify how consignment works and what types of items you can expect to find.

The 37,000 consigners usually bring in new items weekly can generally expect them to sell their pieces in less than a week.

Consigners have the option of being paid in cash or keep their earnings on a consignment account to receive a 10 percent discount on items they purchase.