Redcoat players show promise despite defeats

November 29, 2013 by  

Although John Capodice’s Redcoats of Rocky Hill have not enjoyed a lot of fortune of the field in the past weeks, several students have shined during games, according to a recent write-up in the New Britain Herald.

This is the third year that senior quarterback Mitch Williams has been the Berlin Redcoat’s starter. No doubt these upcoming years will be his best, especially since his role on the team has become much bigger. Fortunately, Williams has an extensive amount of experience on the field, and demonstrates his offensive capability even when the Redcoats are losing.

Another Redcoats player who has stood out is Matt Kaczynski, who achieved six receptions in a game this month, totaling 39 yards. Capodice has said he is proud of Kaczynski’s improvement and how focused he is during practice.

Finally, Anthony Sisti has shown a lot of promise during the season, with 11 touchdowns so far. His ability as an effective tight end and running back makes him a valuable asset to the Redcoats, according to the Herald’s staff writer Chris McLaughlin.

Team pride is especially important when a team is losing, as it keeps up the spirits of the players and motivates them not to give up on the season. Bringing banners and signs to games reminds the players how much they are appreciated while they are on the field, and this would be a unique and fun project for a printing company that may be a fan of the team.