Permit approved for demolition of Connecticut Foundry property

January 10, 2012 by  

The shattered remains of the old foundry building at 205 Meadow Road will be torn down now that a permit has been issued to demolish the property. Rocky Hill city officials granted the property owner, Riverfront Future Partners, permission to tear down the 59,400 square foot structure. A smaller building that sits on the 10 acre property will also be removed as part of phase one of the project.

The demolition will mark a much anticipated redevelopment of the prime riverfront property. A combination of residential, office, retail tenants and a maritime center is planned for the acreage.

The land has been sitting idle since the foundry closed in 1983. Several decades of deterioration have left the structures in dire condition that are both an eyesore and a safety concern.

The permit requires that demolition begin within 30 days of it issuance, according to the redevelopment agreement reached between town officials and the property owner. Permit documents name Cherry Hill Construction of North Branford as the demolition contractor.

The foundry property demolition will take place in phases and additional permits will be required at each phase. Four abandoned buildings, three concrete silos and a rusty water tower need to be removed as well. Phase one of the demolition will $205,630.

A 6-foot-high construction fence will be installed before work gets underway. Concrete barriers will be put up at the intersection of Meadow Road and Glastonbury Avenue, along with temporary lighting and signs that can be run off by a printing company to alert motorists of the ongoing work. Demolition work will take place Monday through Saturday, between 6:45 a.m. and 7 p.m.