Middeltown’s Russell Library to host professional workshop

May 8, 2012 by  

Rocky Hill business professionals and entrepreneurs have the option of attending an upcoming marketing-based workshop on the 15th.

As most entrepreneurs and decision makers are already aware, the economy has got people second-guessing their purchases. To succeed in this environment, cultivating personal connections with people becomes all the more important for businesses. Interestingly enough, an essential part of gaining people’s trust in that respect is showing people the reasons why they’re better off becoming paying customers with one company as opposed to another. This is what’s popularly known as demonstrating “true value” or having a “unique proposition”. Even though this is a simple concept as well as a relatively painless move, having a tangible benefit to offer people can make a world of difference to that flyer printing campaign.

Throughout “Craft a Compelling Value Statement”, Linda Van Valkenburgh, credentialed Executive Career Coach and a business owner in her own right, will be offering advice on putting the company’s best foot forward with prospects.

Starting at 6:00 pm and expected to last for a full 2 hours, this is a presentation that’s been put together with the needs and desires of business professionals in mind. Whether an administration is looking to make a huge splash during the next marketing cycle or simply trying to build a sustainable brand, “Craft a Compelling Value Statement” is sure to leave attendees brimming with ideas.

With the event being held in the evening, the timing is even more convenient for those who are interested in being at this one.