Honors college helps students think big

December 16, 2013 by  

Rocky Hill’s Imran Tariq is one of 19 first-year students to have earned a place in the Honors Program at Middlesex Community College.

The new program will feature early admittance into the Honor’s Society Theta Kappa, fewer students per teacher, and mentoring by college educators. The students will also have field trips, better chances for personal academic achievement, and experiences in leadership. The program’s main focus is preparing students for being highly successful in their future and making a substantial impact on the modern world. Only freshman with high academic achievement received an invitation to participate in the program.

On their first field trip, the students toured the oldest public art museum in the country – Wadsworth Atheneum. Afterwards, they went to the Bushnell Theater for the ‘Big Thinkers’ lecture, which covered topics such as success and leadership. One of the speakers was Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote ‘Blink’ and other bestsellers. Also in attendance was history professor Douglas Brinkly, who is also a best-selling author with such books as ‘Cronkite’ and ‘Tour of Duty’. They talked to the students about the importance of thinking on a global scale.

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