Grants and loans approved for sewer improvements

March 10, 2014 by  

Rocky Hill is one of the six towns forming part of the $277m project funded by the state to prevent storms from making the sewer systems overflow.

The loans and grants will provide the money to improve various treatment plants in Connecticut. The Metropolitan District Commission will get some of the funds for their Rocky Hill and Hartford facilities, and plans to build a tunnel that stores water during storms.

Out of the grand total, $94m will come from grants while $183m will be received through loans from the Clean Water Fund. These come with a 2% interest for 20 years.

Commissioner Rob Klee of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection spoke about starting the improvement projects, saying:

“Connecticut’s Clean Water Fund is a model of state and local cooperation that has achieved very real results in protecting our natural resources and improving the quality of life in our state. Through this program we have made investments that benefit all of us now as well as future generations of residents.”

The office of Governor Dannel Malloy believes the construction will open up more than 5,000 job opportunities in fields like construction, manufacturing, and engineering. This total comprises both new jobs that would otherwise not have been created and existing positions that may not have been retained.

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