Fifty years of high school memories brought back in Rocky Hill

October 4, 2013 by  

High school may have changed dramatically since the Wethersfield Class of ’63 graduated, but a tour of the building in late September brought back memories that made it seem like they were students only yesterday instead of 50 years ago. Most of the class is close to 70 and some have passed away, but those that attended the reunion still appeared to have a wonderful time.

Although everyone went their separate ways after high school, people came back home from Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Florida, and Massachusetts to attend. Assistant principal and athletic director Mike Maltese led the school tour, while treasurer of the organization committee Betty Ann Vose Fusco organized the weekend. This was especially important for her since, she is a member of the class.

The banquet reception was held at the Wethersfield Country Club in Rocky Hill and nearly half the graduating class attended. Before the reunion, graduates sent in photos for those in the class who had passed away. A large table held a memorial for them, and a slide show on two screens displayed the photographs.

Attendees remarked that their classmates had not changed much and the reunion sparked camaraderie among groups of high school friends.

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