Acts of kindness sweep Rocky Hill

February 14, 2013 by  

A heartwarming community effort has been blossoming in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, as a way to honor those in Newtown.

The ‘26 Acts of Kindness’ campaign, launched by parks and recreation, the town library, and youth and family services, is an idea meant to inspire acts of kindness that will improve community life and strengthen bonds between community members.

The initiative has stemmed from Ann Curry of NBC, who encouraged viewers to do something positive for others both for themselves and for the greater good. From now through Memorial Day, organizations have been encouraged to respond to her challenge.

In Rocky Hill, Recreation Supervisor Chris Rusack commented:

“It prompted us to see how we can implement it here. When we do programs, we always look to create a sense of community. It can be as simple as holding a door open or helping a senior carry groceries.”

The town’s program encourages individuals of all ages (many schools are expected to participate) to join in, and participants are encouraged to register at the library and parks and rec.

The kindness of community members will be rewarded with 300 free ‘Acts of Kindness’ T-shirts given to the first 300 people to register.

So far, the event has received positive response from local areas, and many are excited to contribute their great attitudes and good deeds.

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