Norwich winter parade makes for a holiday spectacle

December 16, 2013 by  

The Winter Festival Parade dazzled the residents of Norwich, Connecticut on Saturday, November 30.

The parade started at 1:00 pm with the Norwich Police Department and lasted for 90 minutes, with Santa bringing up the rear as is the norm for every holiday parade. The parade included both groups who marched and those who performed. However, no parade would be complete without floats with well-known figures riding them.

The fire departments rode in the parade displaying their trucks decorated for the season. Snoopy made an appearance wearing a Santa hat on the East Great Plain Department’s fire truck, while Greentree Tree Service premiered a Grinch themed float.

Other participants in the parade were Otis Library, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and the D.A.R.E. student program. Dance groups like 3-D Dance Studio and All the Right Moves Dance Center bravely bore the cold in spandex and leotards to perform in front of the crowd.

At the end, Santa stopped at Franklin Square and asked the children watching the parade if they have been good. He took pictures with parents and children afterward.

It is not uncommon for parades to have programs for spectators to see when their favorite group will be coming through. Families who have relatives in the float do not want to miss them and may have to make arrangements to be there on time. Brochure and catalog printing for small events are a project that local print companies could tackle for a small price.