Norwich public schools to better their student lunches

April 2, 2013 by  

Last Wednesday, March 27, students in the Norwich public school system had the opportunity to provide input on their lunches. Normally, parents might not be too enthusiastic about children choosing their own snacks and lunch options, but this experiment was a little bit different.

Norwich Schools, a part of the School Nutrition Association of CT (SNACT), hosted a blind taste test to help craft the schools’ future lunch menu. Kids who arrived that morning were given a significant task: to sample three varieties of various lunch foods, with tasters ranking the foods on scorecards.

The foods in the taste testing were low fat, low sodium, and whole grain to encourage healthy eating habits in young students. Director Roberta Jacobs enthusiastically announced that the foods with the highest scores would be the ones that appear on next year’s menu.

SNACT is dedicated to encouraging better nutrition programs in schools, supporting the general health and wellness of students. The organization strives to educate youth about eating nutrient-rich foods. Statistically, kids that eat better food have more energy, thus allowing them to focus more clearly in school.

Norwich Schools and SNACT are paving the way for other Connecticut school systems to follow suit in the healthy lunch revolution. While the kids may have been more interesting in missing a first period class than learning about eating habits, they were enthusiastic and happy to participate. To further promote this idea, its benefits, and its future results in Norwich schools, the school and organization may consider using flyer printing or banner printing services to promote their achievements and gain more community involvement.