Norwich Chamber has big plans underway

April 14, 2012 by  

Although the Greater Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce is clearly working hard in preparation for the upcoming Annual Golf Tournament, it’s clear that the chapter has not forgotten about its members. With sponsorship opportunities coming out for the tournament and a Chamber Benefit Workshop being held on the 17th, local and nearby entrepreneurs are getting a chance to get some fast exposure and to learn about the ways in which chamber membership can help a company.

Taking place fairly in the morning with a start time of 8:00 am and a concluding at around 9:30 am, business owners and professionals are being invited to attend the Chamber Benefits Workshop taking place April 17th.

While it’ll be covering regular topics like what the chamber’s regular events mean to people, organizers are adding a new twist to this meeting with sections being specifically devoted to such areas as Facebook, member discounts, as well as the calendars and how they can be used for keeping up to date on what’s happening within the community. Whether new to the chamber or just looking to refresh one’s memory, this is the place to do it.

Speaking of opportunities to do some marketing, registration forms and sponsorship packages for this year’s golf tournament have been made available through chamber’s website. While the printing services of a local printing company will be needed on top of the flyer printing and banner printing that’s likely being used, it’s a great chance to start gaining nearly instant name recognition. In terms of options, there’s no question that the chamber’s doing its part this month.