Moosup Pond regulations get the thumbs-up

August 7, 2013 by  

Moosup Pond’s boating regulations have once again been modified, making the second time Plainfield voters at the town meeting have changed the ordinance on vessels. The first time was in May, although it did not make it to the state level because it lacked specifics.

Officials wrote the law in layman’s terms to aid the public’s understanding of it, but the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection requested that local officials use wording more like that of the actual bill. The new ordinances are very similar to those proposed in May with only slight modifications.

These changes in the rules affect general sailing on Moosup Pond, like the size of boats allowed on the water and how powerful their motors may be. No vessel may be longer than 18 feet and no motor may have a horsepower greater than 10. Signs portraying the new regulations will include the state’s edict in accordance with the previous request.

Still in effect are the bans on fires, washing items in the pond, and being at the pond anytime between sunset and sunrise unless fishing. One Plainfield resident quoted in the Norwich Bulletin said he hoped the town would enforce these laws more rigidly.

If the new signs at Moosup Pond are not made with steel, they may be made as laminated flyers and posters. Since the town would only need a few signs, officials will perhaps consider consulting a local print company so that signs are given a professional and eye-catching touch.