Historic site remodel up for consideration

February 10, 2014 by  

A committee the Norwich Community Development Corporation put in charge of the project held a recent meeting to discuss the future of the Reid & Hughes building – a 133-year-old historic site in the city located at 193-201 Main Street.

The committee had a meeting on Thursday, January 30, with a company based in New York and Norwich Heritage Trust, headed by city historian Dale Plummer. They must decide whether to create an ambitious or conservative site depending on the plans submitted in early January. Williamson County Investments Corporation is no longer on the list of possibilities, according to the Norwich Bullettin.

Jason Vincent of Norwich Community Development Corporation commented that all of the candidates were appropriate, but one had lacked crucial networks in the city to be successful. These include being able to obtain government funds to offset costs. Another company based in New York, POKO Partners LLC, has experience with projects in Connecticut.

POKO has a plan for retail space totaling 24,000 square feet, 113 units of housing, and $200,000 in spending to remodel the Strand Building and four other surrounding constructions. Norwich Heritage Trust plans to develop 17 housing units and a retail space of 1,600 square feet. This project would cost $6.8m, and a decision on it should be made by March.

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