Get Down to Business headlines May

May 8, 2012 by  

Between the “Get Down to Business” series and the chance to register for the RiverFest Dragon Boat Racing Business Expo that’s coming up June 2nd, Norwich professionals and small business owners are getting a unique opportunity to soak in all sorts of practical information while also getting ready to take advantage of an excellent promotional and networking platform.

Divided up into three sections if the Greater Norwich Area Chamber of Commerce’s website is anything to go by, business owners will be learning everything they need to know about how to position their companies for success.

As part of a national movement to ensure that entrepreneurs are better equipped to face the challenges that come their way in Small Business Week, members of Norwich’s professional community are invited to attend “Get Down to Business”. Being offered as a series of free workshops that incorporate networking with the more practical aspects of running a company, this is an event that’s well worth putting in an appearance for.

Starting on the 24th and featuring segments that go through to the 25th, the topics being covered in “Get Down to Business” include the finer details of putting together a marketing campaign, advice on soliciting referrals from happy customers, as well as tips on how to reach new prospects effectively.

Besides the business card printing that’ll be needed for these presentations, business owners will likely require the printing services of local print companies leading up to the RiverFest Dragon Boat Racing Business Expo. Although registration isn’t until June 2nd, Norwich professionals will want to watch for this one.