Art workshop brings middle school students together

January 16, 2014 by  

Killingly Intermediate School had 70 guest students from Windham Middle School for an art-based workshop on Wednesday.

The students learned about diversity and self-esteem through “Arts in the Afternoon”. Students created art in small groups while they went to various stations where artists talked with them one group at a time. They had the opportunity to learn how to weave on a loom, put together a collage, and breakdance. Windham Middle School art teacher Kathleen Brillon believes that the students from both schools can find a common ground through art and field trips like these are an excellent opportunity for them to make friends in a different town. The students are also meeting people who have an art form as a career.

Killingly Intermediate School seventh grade teacher Janine Paige expressed her gratitude for the EASTCONN grant that made the trip possible. She said:

“Some of our students never leave Killingly, so having the opportunity to go on field trips at no cost to them is a wonderful opportunity for them.”

Students from each school commented on how much they had in common with the other and that they enjoyed the workshop.

Artists that specialize in graphic design could have a future with a printing company. Every printing company that wants to gain an edge needs a graphic designer to create logos for clients. It is another way that a creative trade can flourish in a business world. It is also a way for an artist to teach a young student wanting to get into art as a career.