A 2012 haunting in Connecticut

October 25, 2012 by  

There is plenty planned for Halloween 2012 all across Connecticut, with parties, events and haunted houses opening up everywhere. In Norwich, this is certainly the case at The Dark Manor, thought by some to be the most haunted place in the whole of the state.

Offering up two different ways to be petrified to the core, the manor sends chills through the bones like no other venue. Specialized in providing scares through the years, however, it is recommended that no under 13s enter the place at night.

Nevertheless, anyone braving the venue now, and particularly for the Halloween special on October 31, can look forward to a whole lot of creepiness. With two floors of horrors, the graveyard, and the haunted village to encounter, it is likely to be scarier than ever before.

For things a little less scary, the Otis Library is putting on some altogether more wholesome events. Ideal for all the family, there is still something a little creepy this coming month though.

Yesterday, October 24, saw spooky stories being read to kids age 5 through 8. With singing and other activities, those who went were urged to dress up for the fun.

The library has also no doubt been doing some spooky stationery printing for other events. On Friday, October 26, costumes are again urged to be worn, as an all-age party is hosted at the library. Parades, singing, and more stories are also on the agenda.

A Marshmallow Festival is also planned. Taking part on Monday October 29 from 6:30 pm, all attending will be able to create some truly fantastic creations – all from mallow.