Norwalk native is first CT lottery millionaire this year

January 7, 2013 by  

The first day of 2013 spelled victory for CT Lottery winner Giuseppe “Joe” Ambrosio of Norwalk, Connecticut. For this hard-working tradesman of landscaping and masonry, January 1’s ‘Super Draw’ brought the surprising and life-changing cash reward of $1,000,000 ($683,003 after taxes).

As a frequent purchaser of lottery tickets over the past few years, and a winner of several smaller prizes in 2012, this raffle enthusiast and his family were pleased to accept his largest winning yet. In Ambrosio’s words:

“It’s been tough working to pay bills and making ends meet. Now, I’ll finally have some extra money that I can save for the future.”

Purchased at Tracey’s Smoke Shop in Norwalk, Ambrosio’s win also earned the local store a $10,000 check for vending the ticket, as well as a new image as a location for excellent luck. Several smaller cash prizes, including six $20,000 and several $1000 and $100, have yet to be claimed, so ticket holders are urged to check their Super Draw tickets on the CT Lottery website to see all of the winning numbers.

Ann Noble, CT Lottery’s president and CEO, states:

“We look forward to making many more CT Lottery millionaires in 2013.”

Poster printing services are frequently used to promote the CT Lottery wins at vending sites. As is common at many winning locations, Tracey’s Smoke Shop will likely feature a poster of its win. Tracey’s may also want to use a banner printing service to further promote the sale of its winning ticket.