Norwalk Chamber anticipates 123rd Annual Dinner

March 20, 2012 by  

With the Greater Norwalk Chamber of Commerce hosting its 123rd Annual Dinner and another presentation in “Civility and the Press” taking place later in the month, Norwalk professionals have at least two interesting events to consider attending.

Being hosted at the chamber, the 123rd Annual Dinner is taking place March 29th. Featuring a full reception as well as dinner and guest speaker, this evening has been painstakingly planned down to the minute. With the reception starting at 5:00pm and ending a full four hours later at 9:00pm, there will be plenty of time to fit everything in.

For this year’s dinner, the speaker will be none other than Dr. Gary Rose of Sacred Heart University. Currently the sitting Chairmen at the university’s Department of Government and Politics, Dr. Rose’s expertise will make for some interesting discussion after this event.

Booked at the Continental Manor, and with tickets coming in at a cost of $150 per person, flyer printing isn’t needed to figure out this is going to be a high class affair.

Taking place on the same day will be the “Civility and the Press” workshop. Priced at a lower price than the dinner, at $20 a ticket, local professionals also have the option of attending this two hour presentation. While the main topic is the impact the media has on discourse, it’s also a great means of seeing the inside of how media works.

Either way, this is an event that’s well worth putting in an appearance for.