Another taste of Italy comes to Norwalk

February 1, 2013 by  

While Norwalk’s restaurant scene already has the Italian flavor of Osteria Romana thanks to Graziano and Maurizio Ricci, the brothers could not help but dream of their childhood in Rome and wonderful memories at a neighborhood café, which led to them opening up a second eatery at the end of January.

The new Romanacci café opened January 30. After hearing similar yearnings of Italian cafes following their patrons’ visits to Italy, it was clear to Graziano and Maurizio that another dream could be realized. Graziano Ricci noted:

“Our customers mentioned how they enjoyed going to little cafes and bistros and asked why America doesn’t have these types of places. I was born and raised in Rome and often I would go to my neighborhood cafe/bistro.

When I came to America, I noticed there weren’t any true bistros here in this country.”

The brothers set out to create an authentic Italian bistro reminiscent of those from their childhood. In addition to imported specialty items and handmade pastas, Romanacci’s menu features traditional items like panini sandwiches, a coffee/espresso bar, artisan cheeses and pizzas made from fresh, Italian ingredients.

Many in Fairfield County are already familiar with Osteria Romana, and those fans will be delighted to know that Romanacci can be found in the same plaza as its predecessor.

If the Ricci’s are looking to spread the word about their new bistro, they might consider the use of flyer printing in the menus of their Osteria Romana restaurant or banner printing for the outside of Romanacci.