Twain house good starting place for stay at home New London vacationers

February 28, 2013 by  

With March events including a new fiction class and an exhibit of its artifacts, the Mark Twain House and Museum is a good place to visit next month for anybody in nearby areas like New London feeling the need to explore.

According to ‘The 10 Best of Everything: A Guide for Travelers’, from National Geographic, one of ‘10 Best Historic Homes’ in the world is located right here in Harford. The former home of Mark Twain, on Farmington Avenue, can be both an interesting and educational stop on a family’s ‘staycation’.

Depending on the age of the children in the family, a stop at the Twain house might lead to a discussion of architecture and a visit to the Old State House, built in 1796, or the Isham-Terry House, an Italian Villa built in 1854. If looking at old buildings gets boring, the children might prefer a boat excursion down the Connecticut River reminiscent of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn’s river adventures.

Children will enjoy an vacation, whether it is a stay close to home one or an out of the state one, more if they are allowed to help in the planning. Local chambers of commerce generally keep their nearby print company busy turning out up-to-date informative brochures of local attractions and activities. A few phone calls or clicks of a mouse and families can have many affordable choices through which to sort.

For more information about the March events, it is worth having a look at the house’s website.