‘Stampeding Unicorns’ take over museum

December 13, 2013 by  

Artist Camomile Hixon has used unicorns to bring smiles to the faces of thousands of people, and those interested in discovering for themselves the mood enhancing power of the mythical creature can visit New London’s Lyman Allyn Art Museum all through December.

A special exhibit titled ‘Unicorn Stampede’, after Hixon’s glittering signature piece at the center of the display, went on show at the museum late last month. Intriguing to both children and adults, the exhibit contains more than just the life-sized three-dimensional representation of a herd of unicorns in mid-gallop.

Hixons, a Milford native, was living in New York City when she came up with the whimsical idea of reporting a unicorn as missing. Ordering poster printing to the tune of 2,000 missing unicorn notices, she tacked them up all over the city. Within an hour, she had received 1,000 phone calls.

That was 2010, and she retained reports of her errant unicorn, supposedly last seen by her at the W 72nd entrance to Central Park. Seeing how unicorns sparked the interest of the public, Hixon went on to create ‘Unicorn Stampede’.

Details of her ‘Missing Unicorn Project’ are part of the exhibit displayed in another part of the museum. Shown are some of messages she received about the missing unicorn and pictures sent of the unicorn doctored with photo manipulation software into various locations around the globe.

A ‘Sunday Tea with the Unicorns’ takes place on December 15, December 29, and possibly January 5, depending on demand. The event geared for children lasts 90 minutes and includes tea, a snack, and special activities.

The exhibition will be on show at the museum until January 5.