Police officers say “see you later” to gator

July 6, 2013 by  

Our New London police have to be prepared for anything and, last Saturday, our boys in blue were called to corral a 3 ½ foot alligator.

The officers responded to a 911 call from a nearby resident who saw the gator in her front yard. The reptile was taken from off Broad Street to a Massachusetts rescue facility.

Dwayne Gardner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) says there has been no progress in finding the gator’s owner. The alligator, which is estimated to be more than two years old, was running down the sidewalk when located. After the animal’s capture it was caged until environmental conservation officers from DEEP arrived. The alligator was taken to Rainforest Reptiles, located in Beverly, Massachusetts for rehabilitation. It may remain there permanently or be moved to a southern rescue facility.

According to Gardner, the alligator was large enough to be dangerous. Although most of the wild animals environmental conservation officers deal with are native to the area, this was their fourth gator in the past year, despite a law prohibiting ownership of alligators in Connecticut. Due to the popularity of exotic wild animals Connecticut has tightened its laws regarding them.

Several states allow ownership of alligators, meaning that possibly the owner of this particular gator was unaware that he or she was in violation of the law. Engaging the services of a printing company might be one way for the state to help spread the word to prevent further gator hunts.