Plan to increase New London’s livability proposed

August 28, 2013 by  

The New London City Council has received a proposal to build a multipurpose trail connecting two important parts of the city. The trail, which will be non-motorized and give walkers and cyclists a means of commuting, or just obtaining some exercise, will not require money from the town budget. Among the likely sources of funding are TIGER grant funds and the National Recreational Trails Program.

According to Dr. Abel Donka, who authored the proposal, the trail would be constructed in segments. Segment #1 would go from the end of the pier to Union Station, and the next would connect the pier with the Bank Street connector and on to the already existing Shaws Landing trail. For the third segment, the trail goes from Shaws Landing to the corner of Bank and Howard streets; the final segment extending down Howard Street and ending at Fort Trumbull.

The first segment is expected to be the easiest to develop with other segments increasing in difficulty as the trail progresses. Segment #1 requires only painted lines and signs added, while segment #2 is supposed to follow the hurricane barrier of Shaws Cove. Due to traffic concerns the last two parts will require more of an investment in time and resources.

If the city council approves the proposal and the trail is constructed it will change the business dynamics of the area. Business owners along or near the proposed route may want to distribute their digital business cards among members of council and open the lines of communication to express any concerns or suggestions they may have.