New London to welcome new museum

September 8, 2013 by  

Good news has been confirmed for museum geeks, as well as the general economy of New London – the area is getting a new museum.

Ground will be broken here in April 2014 for a Coast Guard Museum. The cost of it is expected to be in the $50m to $60m range. Private contributions are anticipated to contribute a minimum of $10m. Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney has suggested a means of raising money for the museum that would also act as a promotion: a commemorative coin minted by the U.S. Treasury.

Coast Guard commandant, Admiral Robert Papp, was quoted as saying:

“How do you recognize those individuals that are buried in Dutch Harbor, Alaska and talk about their history, talk about their contributions to the United States?”

He was referring to six Coast Guard members buried in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, whose graves he had recently visited. He expressed the sentiment that having a Coast Guard Museum would provide a way of recognizing the sacrifice of those men, as well as others guard members who lost their lives.

Needless to say, a new museum will also benefit the town. The offering will no doubt consume paper products, require cleaning services, and provide additional business to local companies providing printing services. In addition to the ongoing stationery printing the museum will require, there will also probably be sporadic banner and flyer printing needs. Plans are for the museum to be located in downtown New London, and the increased foot traffic to the area will indirectly benefit a wide variety of businesses.