New London strays find new temporary home

May 24, 2013 by  

A stopgap solution to the problem of overcrowded stray animal homes in the area has been found, as Waterford-East Lyme Animal Shelter is now sharing the duties of housing them with Montville’s Shelter.

After its own shelter was damaged in Hurricane Sandy, New London Animal Control depended on the kindness of nearby towns to house its strays. Until Waterford East Lyme stepped in this month, animals that would have been sheltered in New London’s pound were all taken to Montville’s.

The New London Shelter was damaged by a fallen tree and has not yet been repaired. Contractors looking for work can explore the possibility of working on repairing the old shelter or keep their ear to the ground for news of a new regional shelter. According to Montville Mayor Ron McDaniel, an idea is afloat to build a common shelter to service Old Lyme, East Lyme, New London, Waterford, and Montville. The idea behind such a regional shelter is to save money and provide a higher level of service.

Architects, builders, plumbers, and electricians will all have a chance at working on a new shelter should it come to fruition. In preparation, a visit to their local printing companies to update their brochures and stationery printing in preparation for bidding would be a good idea. According to Mayor McDaniel, Waterford is the most likely location of a combined shelter if one is to be built.

Funding for a new animal shelter is uncertain, so perhaps local civic groups in all the affected towns will join forces to help raise money for this project.