Murphy to keep Washington focused on New London area

January 26, 2013 by  

New London residents are no doubt interested in the economic development of their town and the surrounding area, and it turns out Washington D.C. feels the same about the town.

According to the newly elected U.S. Senator representing the New London area, Chris Murphy:

“Very few cities matter more to the federal government than New London.”

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy here, the Naval Submarine Base located in nearby Groton, and fast-growing Electric Boat make the economic health of the area a priority for the federal government. Sen. Murphy promises to keep New London’s financial situation and needs in the forefront and work as an advocate for the area.

Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio accompanied Murphy on a tour of the area, which featured Fort Trumbull State Park, formerly a part of the Navy’s Undersea Warfare Center. Local projects slated for spring were discussed, such as ferry terminals downtown known as State Pier, a 103-unit housing project, and Waterfront Park. New London’s director of development and planning, Kristin Havrilla Clarke, explained to Murphy about the anticipated connection of downtown, Fort Trumbull State Park, and Groton’s Fort Griswold State Park via water.

With the federal government taking a special interest in the welfare of New London and the surrounding communities, combined with Sen. Murphy’s stewardship, local improvements meant to simulate our economy will enjoy a helping hand. If a catalog printing of all the proposed projects and their expected effect on the local economy is sought, Sen. Murphy will have an easy-to-access copy of what New London needs to pass around in our nation’s capital.