Mayor Finizo offers apology as NLDC restructuring begins

February 8, 2012 by  

New London Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio has apologized to property owners in the Fort Trumball area whose homes were taken by eminent domain. The New London Development Corporation (NLDC) bought and seized the properties to make way for private development. The NLDC was in charge of the Fort Trumbull redevelopment plan that began more than a dozen years ago.

A group of property owners filed suit over the eminent domain filings. The case made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme court. In 2005 the high court ruled New London was within its rights to seize the homes so the land could be used for economic development. The Mayor’s apology doesn’t really do anyone any good at this point as far as Richard Beyer, a plaintiff in the eminent domain case is concerned.

The Mayor admitted that the city’s development tactics were flawed. Neighborhoods can rest assured that they will be in partnership with any future development plans, Finizio promised.

In addition to making a formal apology to affected property owners, Finizio said plans are in the works for a complete overhaul of the NLDC including a new name. The NLDC is now called the Renaissance City Development Association. Stationery printers may be used to update the name change and digital business cards may also have to be updated.

Riverbanks Construction plans to break ground on the Village on the Thames project in Fort Trumbull at the end of 2012. NLDC President Michael Joplin is expected to resign at the same time. New London native Linda Mariani, a member of NLDC executive committee, plans to run for president of the new RCDA. All changes are expected to be approved at the organization’s annual meeting on April 26.