Local St. Patrick’s Day Parade finds queen

March 11, 2013 by  

New London’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade has, as per usual, seen the selection of a queen to preside over the parade accomplished well in advance. This year, the honor goes to Darcy Van Ness, a Waterford lass of Irish heritage.

The queen, as well as her court (Heather Cote, New London; Bethany Paige, Groton; and Katy Murphy, Waterford) serve as goodwill ambassadors and role models in the area. The criteria used for selection include academic achievement, communication skills, community service, personality, and poise.

Queen Darcy expressed a lifelong enjoyment of the holiday over which she will be presiding, saying she found it a fun time to touch base with friends and family. Many local residents may recognize Van Ness from her part time job at the Waterford Public Library.

The new monarch attends the Avery Point campus of the University of Connecticut; she aspires to become a school art therapist for inner-city children and eventually open her own practice.

Those who do not know Van Ness personally may still have seen evidence of her good work elsewhere. Locals may have seen a poster printing for ‘Rock for Japan’ – if so then they were looking at her handiwork. Van Ness was instrumental in that effort and also designed T-shirts, and contacted local bands to participate.

Additionally, any digital business cards she might decide to have printed could reasonably include the title American Red Cross fundraiser. Thanks to her efforts, over $1,000 was raised for that organization’s relief fund and she intends to organize another benefit for Hurricane Sandy victims in the near future.