Dragon Boats will be racing at the Riverfront

July 16, 2012 by  

Anyone with an interest in learning about Asian culture, particularly dance, food, music, and games, might well be tempted by a forthcoming event . This year, the 12th Annual Riverfront Dragon Boat and Asian Festival will be celebrated on Saturday, August 18 and on Sunday, August 19. The event will take place at the Riverfront Plaza, located in Hartford, less than an hour’s commute northwest of New London.

The main event will be the dragon boat race, which is expected to involve approximately 1800 paddlers that make up over 50 competing teams. This year, however, the festival will comprise Asian entertainment in addition to the customary racing event. It is anticipated that people from all over will be present to watch and take part in the two-day race.

The crowd will have a lot to see and do this year, as there will be a host of vendors and exhibitors present displaying and selling sundry foods and merchandise. Vendors may invest in poster printing or banner printing in order to display pricing. G&J Company will be exhibiting and selling handbags, jewelry, scarves, beads etc. Attendees will also be able to appreciate and purchase items from Tibet, such as bags, clothing, jewelry, tapestries, and meditation and yoga items.

Participants will be able to appreciate the culture through martial arts demonstrations, Asian beer gardens, table tennis tournaments, yo-yo demonstrations, dancing and singing performances, chinese classical instrument sessions, fire acts, and cultural education booths.

The event will provide plenty of education, food, and entertainment to the entire family, as there will also be Asian games specifically designed for the children.