Cosmic fun as Connecticut looks to the stars

November 4, 2013 by  

The summer may be a distant memory, but the night sky is always available and it is once again time for Connecticut College to host its annual Fall Star Gazing event.

New London residents can spend between 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm this Saturday, November 9, viewing and learning about the moon and the stars at Connecticut College’s Olin Observatory.

Fall Star Gazing is open to the public at no cost and is held regardless of weather. Featured will be star constellation identification instructions, astronomy software demonstrations, and hands-on astronomy related activities for young and old participants. Some of the activities can satisfy belt loop requirements for Webelos and badge requirements for Boy Scouts.

Additionally, visitors can enjoy an assortment of short astronomical lectures. ‘Meteorites: Their Place in Astronomy and History’ is an explanation of the types of meteorites, how they impact the earth and their role, in planet formation. Included is a display of space rocks.

Attendees can also take in an interactive demonstration of how the moon goes through its phases called ‘Learning About the Phases of the Moon’, and a session called ‘Naming the Night Sky’, which explains how the stars and constellations came by their names, the connection they have to mythology, and the lives of those who named them.

Like many institutions of higher learning, Connecticut College holds various events that can be enjoyed by the public. Most universities and colleges engage brochure printers to keep students and non-students alike abreast of events and other extracurricular activities being offered.