City of Stonington reaches out to businesses

April 13, 2012 by  

Fifteen miles outside of New London, CT, The Economic Development Commission in Stonington is helping entrepreneurs to get a leg up in either pursuing a business or expanding their own. Stonington is a unique location that lends to its excellent business opportunities. Stonington’s workers are comprised of engineers, scientists, craftsman and more.

Along with the Economic Development Commission, Stonington is a city that wants future businesses to succeed. They take a hands-on approach in assisting others in pursuing their business goals and helping them to adjust to Stonington once they move there. The help they offer extends to present residents and future ones. The Economic Development Commission and the city of Stonington’s desire is to attract future businesses while helping the existing ones.

The Economic Development Commission has called upon brochure printing services as well as creating an online guide. They both contain a checklist for entrepreneurs and serve as a guide in the process of opening up a business or expanding a current one. Copies of the brochure can be downloaded from the city’s website, or a physical copy can be obtained from Town Hall.

Other valuable information can be found on the city’s website, such as a more detailed version of the brochure that outlines town commission requirements and approvals, business structures, financing, local chamber of commerce information and state requirements.

There is other information posted on their site in the way of demographics, economic incentives and properties. Feel free to contact the Economic Development Commission to provide feedback on their efforts.