Tuition fee changes considered in Connecticut

January 31, 2013 by  

The New Year began with news of interest to Connecticut college students, including those in Monroe, with reports that Connecticut’s governing educational body, the Board of Regents for Higher Education, is considering raising tuition at state-run schools by more than 12%.

The increases would be felt at 12 community colleges located across the state, and at four universities – Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western. All 16 institutions are operated by the State of Connecticut.

This new increase comes on the heels of a 3.8% tuition raise that went into effect a year ago. Regents say the increases are necessary because low enrollments, teachers’ pay raises, and lack of state funding have combined to deprive schools of needed capital.

Students currently pay $19,119 if they live on campus and $8,556 if they commute to school. If the new rates go into effect, which has not yet been decided, students living on campus would pay an additional $1,375, and commuters would face a $1,060 increase. The University of Connecticut, which does not operate under this system, would not be affected.

The Board of Regents could work with brochure printers throughout the state to create a product explaining the necessity behind the increase. It could also develop a second brochure explaining the benefits of higher education and make it available to schools to help in recruiting students. Finally, it could possibly consider working with flyer printers to devise a colorful product to appeal to high school students, making it available to secondary schools as a recruiting tool.