Monroe is up to its tricks

October 24, 2012 by  

First Selectman Steve Vavrek of Monroe, Connecticut, put safety first last year when he canceled Halloween celebrations. Storms had pounded the area, resulting in loose branches that posed a threat of injury to children going out for trick-or-treat. As an alternative, Vavrek created ‘Trunk or Treat’, which was held in the parking lot at Wolfe Park. Cars with trunks full of candy parked in the lot and costumed children went car-to-car to get their treats. Trunk or Treat was such a success that Monroe will repeat the event this year.

Trunk or Treat will be held inthe parking lot of the Masuk High School this weekend. There is a suggested donation of $5 per car to help fund Project Warmth. Attendees can pay at the gate or register online at

Connecticut has several plans in place to provide assistance to low-income families during the winter. These include the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program, which helps pay for heating sources; the Matching Payment Plan, which reduces the amount owed on past-due bills; and Operation Fuel, which gives cash awards to households struggling to stay warm.

Monroe created Project Warmth to fill in the gaps left by the other plans and the funds are distributed directly to vendors after all other options are exhausted.

People involved with Trunk or Treat could print flyers to advertise the event and those who work with Project Warmth might call on brochure printers to design a pamphlet that explains the project and how it dovetails with the other efforts.

The event will run from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm this Saturday, October 27.