Greater Bridgeport SCORE hosts financing workshop March 27th

March 13, 2012 by  

With the Greater Bridgeport SCORE hosting a presentation called “Where and How to Get Money for Small Business” on the 27th, it’s clear that members of Monroe’s business community will be interested in this event.

As most entrepreneurs are already aware, financing is one of the most important aspects of being in business. Consequently, almost every Monroe decision-maker will have to deal with the bank and other lenders over the course of a company’s lifetime. According to the advertisement that’s making the rounds, this presentation is going to be covering the specifics of securing finances for a small business.

If the same ads are to be believed, this seminar is going to be kicked off with a discussion on credit scores, lines of credit, and how these can impact a company’s efforts to get money. Following this portion of the workshop is going to be the more practical aspects of getting a loan from the bank. Piggybacking on the whole idea of receiving a bank loan, the presentation will then conclude with a portion on how to acquire funds through SBA.

Presented by qualified individuals in George Little, Ray Giovanni, and Bill Tierney respectively, this is going to be nothing less than informative. Whether funding a poster printing campaign or looking into the printing services of stationery printers, securing adequate finances can make or break a company. For this reason alone, it’s may be worthwhile for Monroe entrepreneurs to be at the Edith Wheeler Memorial Library on the 27th.

Although there are no fees for attending this event, organizers are asking people to sign up ahead of time.