First frozen yogurt shop opens in Monroe

August 14, 2012 by  

With the grand opening of PeachWave, Monroe residents will probably need to get used to seeing what might well become a fixture around town. For other members of the community who are willing to make the trip, the month will be wrapping up with a Microsoft Word 7 workshop. Whichever way an individual looks at it, August is already shaping up to be a productive month.

Just last Saturday, August 11, the community as a whole was able to witness the grand opening of a new PeachWave store in Monroe. A big part of what makes this debut so unique is the fact that this frozen yogurt shop allows customers to serve themselves. Between the variety of flavors and toppings being offered and the reality that there are no other stores providing this product in town, owners Carin and Gerry O’Meara seem confident that frozen yogurt is going to catch on in Monroe. If anything, the job openings and the potential of this store definitely seem to be pointing in the right direction.

By effectively taking advantage of different printing services that can be used to promote this new shop, the O’Meara’s may be able to get even more publicity out of this grand opening. It would be surprising if flyer printing and poster printing had not been ordered at some point.

For residents and professionals who are interested, there is also a workshop on Microsoft Office being hosted in Seymour on Aust 31. Being held in two parts, ‘Learn Microsoft Word 7’ can go a long way towards helping people do more with their software.