Prospects for Middletown and surrounding area on the rise

December 26, 2012 by  

Job-hunting prospects for Middletown residents are looking up as a Glastonbury company, Foley Carrier Services, is set to lease part of the historic Colt Firearms complex. Foley expects to bring 110 jobs to Hartford, and hire more upon arrival.

Thanks to Hartford’s proximity to middletown, the residents here will benefit from both job openings and the effects of the company on the local economy. The move by Foley Carrier Services could not come at a better time, as it has been eight years since a tenant was added to the complex.

The incentive for Foley to relocate to Hartford was no doubt aided by a $500,000 grant recently announced by the Governor to the company for help moving and for renovations.

If news of Foley Carrier Service’s move were not enough to excite print companies with visions of business card printing to come, then some other news has come up which certainly will. According to Larry Dooley of CG Management – the Hartford-based company handling the Colt’s development – at least 15 businesses have looked at the Colt Gateway site in the past several weeks. The cascading effect could spell a big turnaround in Hartford’s economy, as well as the economies of towns such as Middletown that are within easy driving distance.

The momentum is expected to continue to build, with $5m for additional renovations from bond money already approved. Already Foley’s 110 workers that are on their way have prompted the building of a small café on site.