Philanthropy class awards money to local non-profits

December 30, 2013 by  

Four non-profit organizations were on the receiving end of grants awarded by a local service learning class this month.

The Wesleyan University class made its choice by looking for organizations that promoted the class’ theme of “equal access”. Dr. Joy Anderson teaches the Money and Social Change class in Middletown, which divided $10,000 among the four recipient organizations in the area.

One of the programs, Vista Vocational & Life Skills, is an educational offering in Westbrook aimed at adults with neurological disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders. Another educational program awarded money was the Connecticut PreEngineering Program. This Middletown-based initiative locates female and minority students with the potential for a post-secondary education to encourage them to enter into mathematics, engineering, science, and technology programs.

The non-profit Business Industry Foundation of Middlesex County, sponsors a program to educate teens about drugs and otherwise promote drug abuse prevention, as well as providing educational seminars related to employment issues. ITN Central CT, is the last of those to be awarded money, and is an area-wide program providing affordable rides for those aged 60 and over to help them maintain their independence.

The donated funds originated at the Learning by Giving Foundation, which has the mission of increasing awareness and providing instruction in optimizing philanthropy. Started in 2003, Learning By Giving is part of the Sunshine Lady Foundation, which was founded in 1996 by Doris Buffett. One by-product of these grants may be an increased awareness of the missions of these four non-profits and, with the judicious use of printing services, an increase in fundraising results.