Mom Of Four Trains For Marathon

April 28, 2012 by  

A Middleton, CT mother is to run in a marathon to raise money for charity. The mother of four, Julie Anne Rancourt, decided on running as one of her “bucket list” items, but she wasn’t sure if her body would be up to it after giving birth to four children.

It had long been a dream for Julie to take up running again after having ran as a child. She took a break from running after graduating from high school, but the break turned into 15 years. Julie’s mother served as the source of encouragement to take up the sport again.

Julie began running in marathons; one marathon after another. In a short time after training, she ran 26 miles in just 4 hours and 22 minutes. She insists on improving that personal best saying she’d like to improve on that.

Julie’s next marathon is on April 16th. She will run in the 116th Boston Marathon for the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation. Approximately 60 thousand try out for the marathon and about half are accepted. The qualifications for the marathon are determined according to the time. However, since Julie is running for charity, she does not have any time constraints on her to run.

The New England Foundation takes charity to help other charities. That’s what drew Julie to them—because they help everyone. To raise money for charity, Julie utilized methods of advertising and raising awareness for the cause, such as a poster printing.