Middletown workshop to offer exploration of alcohol inks

December 11, 2018 by  

Painting can be a relaxing hobby, and each person who does it tends to develop their own unique style. A Middletown workshop will offer an introduction to using alcohol inks, and the participants will be able to try their hand at creating using this medium.

Alcohol inks offer vibrant colors and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Meg Geyser will guide the students through an exploration of how these inks can be used to create interesting colors and textures, and no experience is required to enjoy the class.

The event is set to run for two and a half hours, and Geyser will provide an introduction to these inks and also how they can be applied to surfaces such as Yupo and tile. She will demonstrate how to move and control the medium to create desired effects, and each of the students will go home with a landscape abstract they will have crafted on their own.

While the workshop is open to anyone who is age 13 and up, each participant is reminded to wear appropriate clothing and a craft apron. Leaflets from a flyer printing company can aid in promoting an event like this, and they can be placed in high-traffic places throughout the community.

The Red Barn in Durham will be the location for this afternoon of creativity, and it will be held on January 12. The ticket price has been set at $45 each.