Middletown riverfront ripe for development

May 20, 2013 by  

In a continual effort to develop Middletown’s Connecticut River frontage, the Riverfront Redevelopment Commission is gathering money to hire Projects for Public Spaces, a development consultant group.

The city council appropriated $35,000 and Wesleyan University is adding $10,000, and the study put together by the consultants will cost $75,000. The remainder of the funding is expected to come from planning department grants.

The 11-person commission has been working on a master plan since March to take to the common council. Led by Councilman Gerald Daley, the commission has reviewed 20 years’ worth of prior studies and concluded that utilizing professional developers was the wisest course of action. The riverfront, if well developed, could bring an economic boost to the city.

The chosen developer, Projects for Public Spaces, is well-known the world over as a waterfront development company. Its final report will detail the ideal mix of commercial, residential, and recreational use for the Connecticut riverfront area. Once a vision of the ideal riverfront is laid-out, with the help of printing services, a more detailed plan of how to bring the vision to fruition will be developed. The commission welcomes community input into the process.

The riverfront area has the potential to increase the livability of Middletown as well as its financial prosperity. Once the study is concluded, those who own land on the banks of the Connecticut River can see how best to develop their own land in conjunction with the plans for public areas.